File: documents/mccrie-livingston wed cert and guest book 1912.pdf
Image Source: Elizabeth "Betty" (Schutze) Nick loaned for scanning in 2015

James McCrie and Sarah Livingston Marriage Certificate and Guest Book 1912

James W. McCrie, Sarah Livingston, Jennie McCrie, Malcolm L. MacKellar, Anna (Anthony) McCrie, Peter Duffy, Bertha (Burrows) "Mrs. John" McCrie, William "W. A." Campbell, Bella McKellar, Edith E. Campbell, May E. Kott, Mrs. Dughhofer, Catherine "Kate" L. MacKellar, A. Kirchhoferp, Margaret Campbell, John F. Duffy, Jessie Livingston, Isabelle (Livingston) Duffy, Sarah (Campbell) Livingston, Sarah McKellar, Edna McCrie, Anna Koehn, Flora "Mrs. John" (Livingston) Groundwater, Ethel Groundwater, John Groundwater, Florence Groundwater, Jane "Jen" (Livingston) Lundy, Clarence Lundy
Detroit, Michigan, USA, on 25 Jun 1912