Estall Family Tree

Almost all of the information provided is from the Estall Family web site created by Mark and Kim Baldacchino. Their site is hosted at Thanks to Sarah Anderson (nee Schutze) for finding this site and passing along the tip.

Narrative Format

For an extensive (and at 762 pages, some might say exhaustive) history of the Estall family, click on the Narrative History written by the Baldacchinos. The William Edward Estall family branch runs from pages 426 to page 433.

For an account of Bessie's brother's suicide in the English Army and the conditions of her family in the East London workhouses, click on the Into the Abyss narrative written by the Baldacchinos. At 13 pages, it is an easily readable four-generation history of the Estalls.


Click on a thumbnail image to view one of the documents sent to us by the Baldacchinos.

Estall-Hutchings Marriage
Bessie Estall Birth
Sarah Hutchings Death
Workhouse Records 1
Workhouse Records 2
Rosie Estall Birth
Thomas Hutchings Birth
Thomas Hutchings Death

Family Tree

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Estall Family Ancestor Chart William Edward Estall Henry Estall Elizabeth Rice John Estall Elizabeth Tops Samuel Rice Mary Ann Bass William Estall Sarah Bay John Estall Mary Hall John Bay Elizabeth Marie Planque William Estall Leah Holt Jean Planque Marie Wattee Isaac Planque Ester Planque

Source: The Estall Family web site created and maintained by Kim and Mark Baldacchino.

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