Pieces of life left behind by family members––things such as tools of the trade, jewelry, handiwork, and memorabilia––are like pictures: they tell stories, stories that go beyond words, about their owners.

Sarah Campbell's School Sampler
A needlework sampler produced in 1854 by Sarah Campbell while attending school in Scotland as a young teenager.

Frederika Schütze's Wedding Ring
The wedding band Herman Schütze gave his wife upon their wedding in 1878 in Hamburg, Germany.

Herman Schutze's Hockey Puck
A home-made hockey puck the teenaged Herman used when living in Stratford, Ontario. In his later years, Herman watched "Hockey Night in Canada" every Saturday on TV.

Herman Schutze's Micrometer
A tool used by Herman Schutze in his career as a tool and die maker.

Jennie McCrie's Oil Painting
An example of her hobbies and interests, a painting of a basket of berries made by Jennie McCrie in her 30's.

Leonard Schutze's Ruler
A wooden ruler Leonard used in his pre-marriage years working as a surveyor, draftsman, and engineer.