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Today's date is June 20th     (New York time zone)

On This Date

  • Matthew McCrie was born in 1851 in Galston, Ayr, Scotland
  • Dougal Livingston was born in 1859 in Mosa Township, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada
  • William McCrie died in 1882 in Sarnia Township, Lambton Country, Ontario, Canada
  • William S Campbell died in 1908 in Brooke Township, Lambton, Ontario, Canada
  • Carl Jimison died in 1923 in Hoytville, Jackson Township, Wood, Ohio
  • James Peter "Jim" Bartlett was married in 1953 in Owosso, Shiawassee, Michigan
  • Billie Elaine Ehrlich was married in 1953 in Owosso, Shiawassee, Michigan
  • Frederick William Schrotzberger died in 1959 in Highland Park, Wayne, Michigan

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“…came to America. Married girl from South. They visited Hamilton, Ontario, during Civil War but lost contact with Canadian relatives afterward.” This snippet written on a hand-drawn family tree aroused my attention. Who was this unnamed McCrie kin? When did he arrive in America and where did he settle? I set out to put some …

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