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Today's date is March 28th     (New York time zone)

On This Date

  • Neil Livingston died in 1882 in Greenleaf, Huron, Michigan
  • Janet Lee McCrie was born in 1946 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
  • Royal Herman "Roy" Tulip died in 1962 in Bellevue, King, Washington
  • Ruth Ellen Suter died in 1970 in North Bend, King, Washington

From the Blog...

25 March 2017

It’s Greek to Me: ICARUS and DAEDALUS

Our genealogy web site is the perfect intersection of some of my life-long interests. Actually, it’s more like a roundabout, where many interests — web design, database management, programming, photography, history, writing — come together and swirl around like cars in a traffic circle. Two of the newer features on the site, Icarus and Daedalus, …

24 March 2017

Programming Notes: Making the Switch from Ipswitch

I’ve used the free version of Ipswitch WS_FTP LE for several years to transfer files from my home computer to my web site. It easily and quickly uploaded html pages, images, and videos, providing a side-by-side view of the files at home and on the web server and making the transfer between them simple. But …

20 March 2017

The Life and Death of Thomas Hutchings

The eldest sons of four generations — from my dad to my grandchild — have Thomas as a middle name. I suspect my grandmother Bessie (nee Estall) Schutze gave my dad his middle name in honor of her brother Thomas. Since there were no other Thomases on either side of the family, that appears to …

13 March 2017

The Big Mac

The Pelikan M1000 fountain pen is large, the largest in Pelikan’s Souverän line. In my tradition of naming pens for my ancestors, this pen is being dubbed the Big Mac. It’s named after James Miller McCrie, my great-grandfather. With a name like McCrie, someone must have called him Mac at some point in life. James …

4 March 2017

L. P. Schutze: Equanimity in the Face of Tragedy

Leonard Paul Schutze was my father’s uncle and the man my dad was named after. That got me to wondering who Leonard — I’ll call him LP for short — was. His is a rather sad story, it turns out. LP was conceived in Hamburg, Germany, and born in Detroit, Michigan. His mother Friederike (nee …

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