Family Histories

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Footprints: Biographical Sketches of the Schutze/McCrie Families

Look Inside: Footprints: Part I—The Immigrants. Sketches of the Schutze/McCrie immigrant ancestors before and after they set sail for North America: Neil and Janet (McNair) Livingston, John and Isobel (McLean) Campbell, William and Margaret (Miller) McCrie, Barney and Jane (Hannah) Anthony, Hermann and Frederika (Schrotzberger) Schütze, Herman and Bessie (Estall) Schutze.

Look Inside: Footprints: Part II—The Next Generations. Sketches of generations subsequent to the immigrants: John and Sarah (nee Campbell) Livingston, James and Anna (nee Anthony) McCrie (coming soon), James and Sarah (nee Livingston) McCrie (coming soon), and Leonard and Jean (nee McCrie) Schutze (coming soon).

Time Travel: The Bartlett and Ehrlich Families

Look Inside: Sketches of the families that came from Europe to eventually settle in Owosso.

Sarah Campbell

Look Inside: A sketch of Sarah Campbell and the influence her education at Kilmartin (Poltalloch) School had on her.

Thomas Estall and London's End End

Look Inside: A 16-page narrative history written by Kim Baldacchino about Bessie (nee Estall/Estelle) Schutze's family in the impoverished East End of London in the 1800's and early 1900's, and of the fate of Bessie's brother, Thomas, who committed suicide while stationed with the British Army in Egypt.


Livingston Family Deeds

Look Inside: Land Petition and Grant pertaining to Duncan Livingston for 100 acres in 1847.

Look Inside: Neil Livingston to John Livingston Conveyance of 78 acres in 1873.

Look Inside: Neil Livingston to John Campbell Deed of 100 acres in 1878.

McKellar Family Deed

Look Inside: Malcolm McKellar to School Trustees Deed of 1 acre in 1867.

McKellar School No. 8

Look Inside: Brief history of the McKellar Common School "No. 8" in Mosa Township.


Anthony/Anthoney Family

Look Inside: Lineage charts drawn by Margaret Mead to document her grandmother's family.

Look Inside: Lineage charts for Barney Anthoney and Jane Hannah and their offspring. Drawn by Margaret Mead.

Bartlett Family

Look Inside: Family tree depicting ancestors of Lyle Bartlett and Florence Brown. Origin unknown, but possibly typed by James Bartlett, Jr.

Campbell Family

Look Inside: Family of Sarah Campbell and John Livingston. Notes written by Elizabeth Schutze. Origin of information unknown.

Livingston/Livingstone Family

Look Inside: Lineage charts, extended family histories, and character observations written by Margaret Mead (nee McCrie) circa 1945 (some pages later). Includes a page from the Livingston bible and one page on the Campbell family.

Look Inside: List of family births and deaths written by Sarah McCrie (nee Livingston).

Look Inside: Pages from the Livingston bible with family births and deaths.

Look Inside: Notes on the descendents of Neil and Janet Livingston hand written by either Margaret or Janet Livingston's family in Utah.

Look Inside: A look at Neil Livingston's/Janet McNair's descendents viewed from the perspective of Margaret (nee Livingston) Gardner, including a Livingston Descendent Chart and letters from Duncan Livingston.

McCrie Family

Look Inside: Lineage charts and extended family histories submitted by Margaret Mead circa 1960 for the McCrie family reunion book.

Look Inside: Written history of James Miller McCrie (son of William, above) and his family.

Look Inside: Lineage charts and extended family histories. Possibly copied by Margaret Mead from the McCrie family reunion book.

Look Inside: A 6-page history of the William McCrie family written by Doug Boylan.

Look Inside: Lineage charts for Margaret Mead and Jean Schutze (both nee McCrie).

Look Inside: Written history of Andrew McCrie (second son of William, above).

Look Inside: Call for McCrie Family Reunion personal histories in 1960.

Look Inside: List of attendees/addresses for the 1960 McCrie Family Reunion.

Look Inside: Written history of Margaret (nee McCrie) Mead's ancestors and then-current family. This was her submission to the McCrie Family History book.

Look Inside: Letters received from McCrie families across U.S. and Canada by the 1969 organizers of the McCrie Family Reuion (transcribed by Jean (nee McCrie) Schutze.

Meehan Family

Look Inside: Family of Michael Meehan. Notes made by Elizabeth Schutze on visiting the grave site of Bob Meehan's grandparents.

Schutze/Schuetze Family

Look Inside: Ancestors of Herman Schutze and of his wife Bessie Estelle. Handwritten notes made by Leonard Schutze as relayed to him by Bessie Schutze in 1970.

Look Inside: Family of Herman Schuetze and Friederika Schrotzberger. A page from the Schuetze bible.