Time Pieces

Essays on family lives in olden times and distant lands

Taxing Situation
Scottish taxes in 1797, on things such as horses and clocks, provide a glimpse into the lives of our ancestors.

Religion in Scotland
The Scots liked religious sects almost as much as sex. Unfortunately, that meant that the results of the latter are not very well captured in the records of the former.

Farming in Scotland
The agricultural system in Scotland was based on tenant farming, in which very few farmers owned their land. Here's a look at the farmers in our family.

Finding Family Farms in Scotland
Pinpointing family farm locations can take a bit of research. Here's how it was done for farms in Argyll.

Scottish Naming Conventions
The Scottish tradition of naming children after their grandparents provides clues to their family lineage.

Whence William McCrie?
A Case study in genealogy–tracking down the birthplace and parents of William McCrie in Scotland.

Jacob A. Heist: A Michigan Wolverine
A biography of Jacob A. Heist, civil war soldier and great-great-grandfather of the James Bartlett siblings.

On the Trail of Bessie Estall's Family in London
A short history of Bessie Estall's family in London, 1852-1910, with links to the documents that trace her family's life.

The Big Blow of 1913 Drowns John Groundwater
A look at the life, and death, of John Groundwater, Chief Engineer on the ill-fated Charles S. Price, and husband of Flora Livingston.