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Florence (nee Brown) Bartlett's diary from 1975-1979, "Startling news about Jim, but I guess it is all for the best. Sure pulled the props out from under me." NOTE: Very large file ... 262 megabytes. It takes a long time to download. Alternatively, a copy can be mailed if requested.


Sadie (nee Grow) Brown's diary from 1945-1948, "It seems we are blessed with so many things. Not riches, but other things more worth while. Hope we prove worthy in our old age." NOTE: Large file ... 71 megabytes. It takes considerable time to download. Alternatively, a copy can be mailed if requested.


James to nephew Leonard Schutze, 2 Oct 1933, "Take advice from me & keep away from the 'Services.' ... I know taken for granted that one will be made a hero, it's all rot, as soon as the incident is forgotten, so are you."


Duncan to brother-in-law Archibald Gardner, 6 Aug 1849, letter from Mosa Township, Ontario, Canada: "In this neighborhood whiskey was nearly as common as water at all public places when the Gardners were there."

Duncan to brother-in-law Archibald Gardner, 16 Apr 1851, letter from Mosa Township, Ontario, Canada: "there is a railroad to pass within three miles of us which will increase the value of our holdings. It is called the Great Western and will run from Hamilton to Windsor..."

Duncan to brother-in-law Archibald Gardner, 31 Aug 1854, letter from Mosa Township, Ontario, Canada: "our dearly beloved mother arose at daybreak, walked out of the door, came in, sat on a chair, called twice to Neil, fainted and fell to the floor."

Sarah (nee Campbell) to daughters Sarah and Jessie, 13 Nov 1903, "I must now tell you how i faird in coming home [to Alvinston]."

Flora to niece Margaret Mead (nee McCrie), 25 Jul 1946, postcard from Florida: "I just came in from having a sun bath. I look like a red tomatoe."


William to Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin Jack, 11 Oct 1918, "The Allies are sure handing it to old Bill now and prospects are better every day for an early victory for the Allies."


Sarah (nee Livingston) to insurance company, 1 Nov 1957, "Believing that James M. McCrie may be the insured, I have provided identification data about him..."

Sarah (nee Livingston) to granddaughter Betty, 18 Aug 1962, "We missed having you these last eight weeks...although glad you had this experience, which you will never forget."


Ned to son Max, 20 Nov 1923, "...come down when you can"

Ned to son Max, 11 Sep 1924, "I presume you think I am never going to ans your letter." [Photos enclosed.]

Margaret (nee McCrie) to nephew Jamie, 6 Apr 1950, "Ask Daddy if you & Beth, Mommy & Grandma can stay for a while whenever the Nash brings you down.

Margaret (nee McCrie) to nephew Jamie, Jul 1994, "Last year my attempts at gardening were hampered by cataract surgery..."


Robert to son Bob, 28 Jan 1980, "...but the nights get chilly, so I've had to adjust my medication, clothing and bed covers..."


Johanna (nee Schrotzberger) to grandson Leonard, 13 Jul 1917, and enclosed pictures: "I write this letter for you it is your's and mama can read it to you..."

Herman to son Leonard, 15 Apr 1939, " makes a person wonder what this thing called life is all about."

Leonard to mother Bessie, 29 Aug 1941, "I'm just bubbling over with the news that Jean will become my wife..."

Leonard to Draft Board, 3 Feb 1942 (this copy was transcribed by his wife, Jean), "My wife and I did not marry to keep me out of military training."

Jean (nee McCrie) to husband Leonard, 16 May 1944, postcard from Williamsburg, VA: "We arrived O.K."

Herman to son Leonard, 3 Jun 1945, "...terribly put out by being kept in the dark so long."

Jean (nee McCrie) to mother Sarah, 13 Jul 1945, "Len brings up my breakfast every morning..."

Jean (nee McCrie) to mother Sarah, 15 Jul 1945, "I have looked over all my books & phamplets trying to see if there is something I have overlooked and can't get any light."

Jean (nee McCrie) to mother Sarah, 1945, "Betty and I have been having a far she has been winning."

Jean (nee McCrie) to husband Leonard, 4 Oct 1946, "I just put her to bed & thank goodness she is quiet now."

Jean (nee McCrie) to husband Leonard, 17 Sep 1950, "Outside of Sarnia we stopped at Marg. McCrie's to deliver a sweater left at the McCrie picnic, then we went on to Alvinston.

Jean (nee McCrie) to husband Leonard, 8 Jun 1952, "If I do anything to Jamie that he doesn't like, he will say 'I'll tell my daddy on you!" He keeps threatening me with that all the time. Cute?"

Elizabeth to father Leonard, about 1955, "Hope the boys will see you tomorrow at work."

Leonard to son Jamie, 17 Dec 1956, "You're the man of the house now."

Herman to son Leonard, 5 Apr 1963, "It is 51 yrs ago exactly this Friday that you were our Pride and Joy out at 1226½ E. 27th St. L.A."

Herman to son Leonard, 3 Aug 1964, "Mother & I were sitting out near the well to get some of the little breeze there is. It is getting near 4 P.M. so we will have to see the horse opera on T.V."

Herman to grandson Jamie, 4 Nov 1964, "To-day we packed the box of leaves & bittersweet for Aunt Lily and will take it into Pinckney tomorrow..."

Herman to son Leonard, 22/23 Aug 1967, "I have only been out fishing once since you left here on your last short stay, and got lonely & disgusted on the sardines I caught."

Bessie (nee Estall) to son Leonard, 2 Mar 1972, "Tell the children they are living in the best country in the world."

A Killing in Iraq, 29 Apr 2013, "The air was pungent with the smell of sewage, diesel fuel, and gunpowder."


Ed Schrotzberger to cousin Leonard Schutze, 12 Apr 1982, "It was a priceless privilege for me to share her last 5 minutes with mom..."