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Women are found under their maiden names unless their maiden names are unknown.

Marriages are typically found under the grooms' surnames.

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Anthony/Anthoney Family
(Also see McCrie, Chamberlin, Conklin, Cutter, Dohm, Eason, Lane, Pierce, Rautenberg, Searight, Seymour, and Tuttle Families)

anthony census lewis 1850
anthony census osceola 1860

anthony anna census crockery 1870
anthony anna dth cert 1928
anthony anna bur rec 1928

anthony barney census cape vincent 1855
anthony barney ny town clerk civ war reg
anthony barney civil war service
anthoney census 01 coopersville 1870
anthoney census 02 coopersville 1870
anthony barney military pension
anthony barney army pension 1878
anthoney census coopersville 1880
anthony barney dth reg

anthony carrie dth reg

anthony-hellman marr reg
anthony-hall marr reg
anthoney henry census green lake 1900
anthony henry census elk rapids 1920
anthony henry credit rpt

anthoney jane dth reg
anthoney jane memorial

anthony job census leray jefferson ny 1820
anthony job census ny 1820 blank
anthony job census leray 1820
anthony job census leray 1830
anthony job census leray 1830 blank
anthony job census leray 1830
anthony job census lyme 1840
anthony job census lyme 1840
anthony job census cape vincent 1850
anthony job census cape vincent 1850

anthony paul-chase elizabeth marr rec 1778
anthony paul census taunton 1790

anthony sarah dth reg

Armstrong Family
(Also see Brown [related to Bartlett] Family)

armstrong eliza dth reg 1886

Bartels Family
(Also see Brown Family)

bartels emma bth reg 1877
bartels emma census owosso 1900

bartels frederick census owosso 1900

Bartlett Family
(Also see Brown, Haiste, Perkey, Schutze, and Wilson Families)

bartlett-ehrlich-parker-bieri 5 generation portr
bartlett family portr ca 1983
bartlett football artcl 1947
bartlett brothers navy artcl 1950

bartlett duane wwi draft reg 1918
bartlett duane census owosso 1930
bartlett duane daughter bth annmt 1930s
bartlett duane obit 1938

brown emily wedding art 1959

bartlett gladys and wilson wm portr

James H
bartlett-parmeter marr reg 1880
bartlett-hiast marr reg
bartlett-haist marr reg bartlett census owosso 1900
bartlett james h census owosso 1910
bartlett james h census owosso 1920
bartlett james h and heist mary portrait
bartlett james dth cert 1927
bartlett james h obit 1927
bartlett james h obit copy 1927

James Peter
bartlett james peter bio
bartlett james sr bth cert
bartlett james sr bapt cert
bartlett james sr rpt cards
bartlett james sr safety awd
bartlett james sr sfty ptrl
bartlett james shoot awd 1947
bartlett james sr hs grad
bartlett james sr portr 1949
bartlett james sr mil train cert
bartlett james sr mil promtn
bartlett james sr mil tng certs
bartlett james sr uss caloosahatchee
bartlett james sr mil dischg cert
bartlett james sr mil dischg
bartlett-ehrlich marr cert 01
bartlett-ehrlich marr cert 02
bartlett-ehrlich marr cert
bartlett-ehrlich marr lic
bartlett-ehrlich wed portr 1953
bartlett jame sr adv deg
bartlett james sr shrine art
bartlett james sr masonic hist
bartlett james sr med history
bartlett james sr dth ntc
bartlett james dth meml
bartlett james sr dth cert
bartlett james sr obit 1988
bartlett james obit 1988
bartlett james autopsy

John Gary
bartlett-van noy wed anncmt 1952

John Harrington
bartlett john h bth rec 1821
bartlett john h census shaftsbury bennington vermont 1850
bartlett census jackson 1860
bartlett john h census romulus 1870
bartlett john harrington portrait ca
bartlett john h census ovid 1880
bartlett census ovid 1880
bartlett john h census ovid 1900
bartlett john harrington dth cert 1904

bartlett-brown wedd article 1929
bartlett lyle owosso dir 1936
bartlett lyle owosso dir 1939
bartlett lyle census owosso 1940
bartlett lyle owosso dir 1945
bartlett lyle owosso dir 1951
bartlett lyle owosso dir 1953
bartlett lyle ssdi
bartlett lyle meml svc
bartlett lyle obit 1968
bartlett lyle obit 1968

bartlett (perkey) marie census 1940
bartlett (perkey) marie census detroit 1930

bartlett-mccaslin marr lic 1950

Bay Family
(Also see Estall Family)

bay sarah bapt reg

Beehler Family
(Also see Grow Family)

beehler donald wwi draft reg card 1918
beehler donald obit 1950

Bieri Family
(Also see Ehrlich, Bartlett, Parker, and Stanton Families)

bieri family portrait

bieri-roth marr reg 1890
biere christian census pine 1900
bieri census vergennes 1910
bieri christian census croton 1920
bieri christian View of Croton from the hill
bieri christian Backwater above Croton Dam
bieri christian Croton Dam D_
bieri christian Croton_ Mich_ 2
bieri christian newago dam Power House _ Dam
bieri christian census brooks 1930
bieri christian newago dam Power House Crew

bieri christian obit 1957

bieri frieda census lowell 1910
bieri frieda census owosso 1920
bieri frieda census owosso 1930
bieri frieda owosso dir 1936
bieri frieda owosso dir 1953
bieri frieda eagles art
bieri frieda seamstress art
bieri frieda addr 1969
bieri frieda addr 1980
bieri frieda ssdi 1991
bieri frieda dth rec
bieri frieda obit 1991

bieri johannes portrait
bieri john and elizabeth home lowell
bieri john and elizabeth portrait lowell
bieri johannes family portrait ca 1880
bieri johannes census vergennes 1900
bieri johannes census vergennes 1910
bieri johannes dth cert 1910
bieri johannes headstone

Bitter Family
(Also see Ehrlich Family)

bitter christine imm 1907

bitter elizabeth dir owosso 1945

bitter elizabeth dth cert 1953
bitter elizabeth obit 1953

bitter marie obit 1953
bitter marie obit 1953 enlarge

Bowen Family
(Also see Kerr Family)

bowen-kerr marr lic 1883

Brown Family (related to Bartlett Family)
(Also see Bartlett, Grow, Holliday, Richards, and Rutledge Families)

brown family newspaper announcements

brown beatrice dth cert 1897

bartlett florence addr
brown florence pub rcd add 1985
bartlett florence dth ntc
brown florence meml svc

brown george-bartels emma marr reg 1900
brown george census owosso 1910
brown george census owosso 1930

brown howard 80 bd artcle 1981
brown howard dth rcd 1995
brown howard obit 1995

brown james obit 1967

John J. (1873-1956)
brown john j photo obit
brown-grow marr reg

brown john census owosso 1900
brown john dir owosso 1905
brown john dir owosso 1907
brown john census owosso 1910
brown john census owosso 1920
brown john dir owosso 1936
brown john dir owosso 1953
brown john j obit 1956
brown john j & grow sadie headstone 1950s

John L. (1827-1909)
brown-rutledge marr reg 1856
brown-rutledge marr reg 1856 img
brown john census owosso 1870
brown john census owosso 1880
brown john agr census owosso 1880
brown john census owosso 1900
brown john dir owosso 1905
brown john dir owosso 1907
brown john l dth cert 1909
brown john l dth cert 1909 copy
brown john obit 1909
brown john l headstone 1909

brown marjorie dth 1965

brown (owen) mary obit 1941
brown mary dth artcl 1941

brown-armstrong marr reg 1856

Brown Family (related to McCrie Family)
(Also see McCrie Family)

brown agnes bth reg 1815 img

brown catherine bth reg 1806 img

brown david bth reg 1805 img

brown hugh bth reg 1819 img

Jean (1779-unk)
brown jean bth reg ochiltree 1779
brown jean bth reg 1779
brown jean bapt 1779 img

Jean (1808-unk)
brown jean bth reg 1808

John (1776-unk)
brown john bapt 1776 img
brown john bapt 1776 img2
brown-kerr marr reg 1804 img

John (1813-unk)
brown john bth reg 1813 img
brown-mccallum marr reg 1835
brown john census ochiltree 1841
brown john census ochiltree 1851
brown john census ochiltree 1861

brown robert bth reg 1817 img
brown robert dth cert 1908

William (unk-unk)
brown-campbell marr 1776
brown-campbell banns 1776 img
brown-campbell banns ochiltree 1776
brown william dth reg 1837 unproven

William (1810-unk)
brown william bth reg 1810 img

Brown Family (related to Wm Brown Family)
(Also see Bartlett, Crawford, Dennis, Kerr, Knowles, and White Families)

brown-kerr marr lic 1929

brown william portr 1938
brown william census maumee 1940

Brubaker Family
(Also see James Family)

brubaker donna addr
brubaker donna marr indx
brubaker donna ssdi

Burrows Family
(Also see McCrie Family)

burrows bertha dth cert 1930

Campbell Family
(Also see Livingston, Maclean, and McCrie Families)

campbell census scotland 1841
campbell census brooke 1861

campbell donald bth reg 1841
campbell donald bth reg
campbell donald bth reg opr 1841
campbell donald census mosa 1911
campbell donald dth reg

campbell donald dth reg 1919

campbell euphemia bth reg 1832
campbell euphemia bth reg
campbell euphemia bth reg opr 1832
campbell william 50th ann
campbell william obit
campbell euphemia imm detroit 1909
campbell euphemia dth cert 1910

campbell isabella meml

campbell jean bth reg 1839
campbell jean bth reg

campbell jean bth reg opr 1839

John (1796-1854)
campbell-mclean marr reg 1829 img
campbell-mclean marr reg 1829 n knapdale
campbell-mclean marr reg 1829
campbell-mclean marr 1829
campbell-mclean marr reg glassary opr 1829
campbell-mclean marr reg opr n knap 1829
campbell census glassary 1841
campbell john census scotland 1851
campbell john gravestone 1854
campbell john grave database 1854

John (1843-unk)
campbell john bth reg 1843 img
campbell john bth reg 1843
campbell john bth reg opr 1843
campbell john jr bapt reg

campbell malcolm bth reg 1835 img
campbell malcolm bth reg 1835
campbell malcolm bth reg opr 1835

campbell neil bth reg 1830 img
campbell neil bth reg opr 1830
campbell neil bth reg
campbell-walker marr 1862
campbell neil farms lambton
campbell neil farm map
campbell neil dth reg
campbell conservation area 2012

campbell sarah portr tree
campbell sarah bio
cambell sarah afr
campbell sarah bth note
campbell sarah bth reg 1837
campbell sarah bth reg opr 1837
campbell sarah bth rcd
campbell sarah census scotland 1851
campbell sarah census detroit 1900
campbell sarah dth reg 1914
campbell sarah dth register 1914
cambell sarah meml

Campbell Family (related to Brown/McCree Family)
(Also see Brown and McCrie Families)

campbell kathrine bapt 1754

Cervenka Family
(Also see Brown (related to Bartlett) Family)

cervenka frank passport app 1902
cervenka frank passport app 1907
cervenka frank census traverse 1920

cervenka census owosso 1940
cervenka-conner marr announcement 1973

Chamberlin Family
(Also see Anthony and Rautenberg Families)

chamberlin census grand haven 1880
chamberlin census buffalo 1900
chamberlin census buffalo 1910
chamberlin census buffalo 1920
chamberlin census san francisco 1920
chamberlin census san bruno 1930

chamberlin gertrude dth index

chamberlin henry bth reg
chamberlain-anthony marr reg

chamberlin royal family data coll
chamberlin royal dth index

Clark Family
(Also see Livingston Family)

clark christine dth reg 1912

Conklin Family
(Also see Anthony Family)

conklin census casnovia 1880
conklin census ravenna 1920

conklin eliza bth reg
conklin eliza dth indx

conklin lavinia dth reg

conklin-eadie marr reg

Crawford Family
(Also see Dennis and Brown (related to Wm Brown) Families)

crawford mary bth rcd 1902

Cutler Family
(Also see Conklin and Anthony Families)

cutler census muskegon 1910
cutler census muskegon 1930

cutler otis bth reg
cutler-conklin marr reg

Daniels Family
(Also see Mehlenbacher Family)

daniels iva dth rcd 1887

Dennis Family
(Also see Wm Brown Family)

dennis paul bth reg 1901
dennis-crawford marr lic 1928

Dawson Family
(Also see Fox Family)

dawson samantha dth cert 1906

Dean Family
(Also see James Family)

dean nancy portr

Dimmick Family
(Also see Brown (related to Bartlett) Family)

dimmick levalley wwi reg 1918

Dohm Family
(Also see Seymour and Anthony Families)

dohm-seymour marr reg

Dudley Family
(Also see Ehrlich Family)

dudley-ehrlich marr rcd 1928

Duffy Family
(Also see Livingston Family)

duffy-livingston marr reg

Duranceau Family
(Also see Schutze Family)

duranceau edith baby portr
duranceau edith bapt bk
duranceau edith conf 1927
duranceau edith ratn bk 1943
duranceau edith dth ntc
duranceau edith dth cert
duranceau edith meml
duranceau edith meml pmph
duranceau edith meml svc

Eason Family
(Also see Conklin, Tuttle, and Anthony Families)

eason census ravenna 1900
eason census ravenna 1910
eason census ravenna 1920
eason census ravenna 1930

eason agnes bth reg 01
eason agnes bth reg 02

eason-conklin marr reg

eason ruth bth reg01
eason ruth bth reg02

Ehrlich Family
(Also see Bartlett and Parker Families)

ehrlich family portr ca 1942

ehrlich alfred bth cert
ehrlich alfred portr ca 1930
ehrlich alfred census ososso 1930
ehrlich alfred and irene portr ca 1933
ehrlich alfred owosso dir 1936
ehrlich alfred owosso dir 1939
ehrlich census owosso 1940
ehrlich alfred owosso dir 1945
ehrlich alfred owosso dir 1951
ehrlich alfred bldg permit art 1951
ehrlich alfred dir owosso 1953
ehrlich alfred dth ntc
ehrlich alfred dth cert
ehrlich alfred ssdi

ehrlich bertha obit 1980

ehrlich billie portr
ehrlich billie bio
ehrlich billie bth cert 01
ehrlich billie bth cert 02
ehrlich billie portr 1933
ehrlich billie bapt cert
ehrlich billie portr ca 1952
ehrlich billie portr 1952
ehrlich billie hs awd
ehrlich billie hs dipl
ehrlich billie hs grad art
ehrlich billie wed ancmt
ehrlich billie addr
ehrlich billie hair artcle 1983
ehrlich billie dth cert
ehrlich billie dth ntc
ehrlich billie dth ntc 02
ehrlich billie hands rite
ehrlich billie meml svc

ehrlich carl arr 1903
ehrlich carl imm 1903
ehrlich immigration 1903 resorted
ehrlich carl family ca 1904
ehrlich carl census wausau 1905
ehrlich carl dth cert 1927
ehrlich carl obit 1927

ehrlich edward bth reg 1904

ehrlich edward obit 1982

John Carl
ehrlich john carl census wausau 1910
ehrlich john carl census owosso 1920

Rose (aka Theresa)
ehrlich rose obit 1993

ehrlich theodore obit 1993
ehrlich theodore obit 1993 copy

Elwood Family
(Also see Mead Family)

elwood nellie portr
elwood christmas 1936 photo

Estall/Estelle Family
(Also see Hutchings, Rice, Schrotzberger and Schutze Families)
Note: Bessie and Lillian Estelle were born with the surname Estall. Their last names were changed after their arrival in Canada.
See the Estall Family Tree in the "Family Tree" section of this web site for relationships among the family members below)

estall census london 1861
estall census london 1881
estall census london 1891
estall susan and rosie census london 1901
Workhouse Records 1
Workhouse Records 2
estall pass list liverpool 1906

(estall ann) meecham census london 1901
duffy-estall marr cert

estall bessie bth cert
estall bessie bth reg
estall bessie bth reg copy
estall betsy bapt reg
estall bessie workhouse admit 1900
estall elizabeth census bethnal green infirmary 1901
estelle bessie passage to canada
estelle bessie pass list image
estall bessie pass list pg 1
estall bessie pass list
estall bessie passenger data
Passenger Ships and Images - AncestryLibrary_com
estall bessie macpherson rcds
estall merry house
estall 51 avon st
estall home children plaque
estelle bessie res stratford
estall bessie and lillian port 1911
estelle bessie imm card
estelle bessie immigration
estall schutze schrotzberger photo ca 1940s
estall bessie portrait 1965
estall bessie ssdi 1975
estelle bessie meml

estall henry bth reg 1809
estall-rice marr reg 1828

estall james bth cert 1897
estall james bapt reg
estall james census london 1901
estall james census enfield 1911
estall james marr bans 1921
kent (estall) james residence 8 heene road, enfield estall james dth reg 1965

John (1724-1810)
estall john bapt 1724
estall john bapt
estall john dth

John (1773-1811)
estall john bth reg 1773

Lillian (born Susan)
estall susan bapt reg
estall susan and rose leytonstone sch rcd 1900
estall susan workhouse admit 1900 p1
estall susan workhouse admit 1900 p2
estall susan census bethnal green union schools 1901
estelle lillian imm card
estelle lillian census los angeles 1920
schrotzbergers lillian and ted with bessie schutze early 1940s
schrotzberger lillian cens los angeles 1930
schrotzberger lillian dth index
estelle lillian dth index
estall susan meml svc

estall robert bapt reg

estall robert workhouse admit 1900

estall rosie bth cert 1895
estall rosie bapt reg estall rose workhouse admit 1900
estall rosie census enfield 1911

estall thomas bth cert 1889

William (born circa 1700)
estall-holt marr reg

William (born 1749)
estall-bay marr reg

William (1852-1906)
estall william bth reg 1852
estall william bth rec
estall william bapt reg
estall william bapt 1852
estall william bth reg 3qtr 1852
estall william census london 1861
estall william mil rcd
William Estall - Sarah Hutchings Marriage 02 Mar 1891
estall-hutchings marr reg
estall-hutchings marr reg cert
estall william dth cert 1906
estall william dth reg

William (born 1882)
estall william 1882 bth cert

Estey Family
(Also see Brown (related to Bartlett) Family)

estey david obit 1903
estey david gravestone

estey orrison birth rcd 1863
estey (brown) susan census owosso 1900
estey (brown) susan census owosso 1910
estey orrison obit 1930

Findlay (Finlay) Family
(Also see Miller, McMurtrie and McCrie Families)


David (1757-1825)
findlay-mcmurtrie marr reg 1777
findlay david gravestone 1825
findlay david headstone 1825

David (1790-?)

David (1807-?)
findlay david bth reg 1807
findlay-mcmurtrie marr 1777
findlay-mcmurtrie marr reg 1777

findlay george census cumnock 1841
findlay george census cumnock 1851

findlay margaret bth reg 1777 opr
findlay margaret bth reg 1777
findlay margaret census old cumnock 1841



Fox Family
(Also see Grow and Pope Families)

fox almrya portr 1923
fox almyra obit 1931

fox william census tuscola 1850
fox william census owosso 1860
fox william census venice 1870
fox william agr census venice 1870

Gardner Family
(Also see Livingston Family)

gardner archibald portr
gardner archibald headstone

Garwood Family
(Also see James Family)

garwood john portr
garwood john portr2

garwood senia maud portr 1943

Gilcrist Family
(Also see Heist Family)

gilchrist earl accident 1937
gilchrist earl obit 1943
gilchrist earl meml pamph 1943

Gould Family
(Also see Tulip Family)

gould census prairieville 1880
gould census richland 1860
gould census staples 1900
gould census staples 1905
gould census staples 1910
gould census seattle 1920 p1
gould census seattle 1920 p2
gould census seattle 1930

gould charles portr
gould charles wwi draft reg

gould jerald portr
gould jerald and mary portr
gould jerald fam portr

gould stanley renton dir 1949
gould stanley seattle dir 1949

Groundwater Family
(Also see Livingston Family)

groundwater census cleveland 1910
groundwater census cleveland 1920
groundwater census cleveland 1930

groundwater john naturalization
groundwater-livingston marr reg 1904
groundwater-livingston marr reg entry 1904
groundwater john census cleveland 1910
groundwater john drowning 1913
groundwater john ussprice photo
groundwater john bur rcd 1913

groundwater ethyl bth reg 1906
groundwater ethyl dth meml

groundwater flora div rcd 1984
groundwater flora dth rcd 1996

groundwater jean dth rcd 1995

Grow Family
(Also see Bieri, Brown, Bartlett, and Mulenbacher Families)

grow census bennington 1860
grow alburtus agr census vernon 1870
grow census vernon 1880
grow census owosso 1900

grow beatrice obit 1967

grow-griffin marr reg
grow edgar census grand rapids 1900
grow edgar census st louis 1910
grow census st lewis 1920
grow census st lewis 1930
grow edgar obit 1937

grow milton bth reg
grow milton bth reg_files
grow-mulenbacher marr reg
grow milton wwi draft reg 1918
grow-parker (bieri) marr annmt 1934

Sarah (Sadie)
grow sarah bth reg

grow sadie obit 1951

Hager Family
(Also see Schutze Family)

hager-kopff marr reg

Hannah Family
(Also see Anthony Family)

hannah jane dth cert 1898

Heist (also spelled Haist and Haiste) Family
(Also see Bartlett, Perry, Rich, Rourke, Stanton, and Weston Families)

heist caroline dth reg 1922

heist ellen dth rcd 1938
heist ellen dth pampl 1938

Jacob Friedrich (1821-1897)
heist jacob census buffalo 1850
heist jacob census lancaster 1855
heist jacob census lancaster 1860
heist jacob argi census lancaster 1860
heist jaboc f civ war draft reg 1863
heist jacob civ war pension
heist jacob census saginaw 1870
heist jacob census saginaw 1880
heist jacob agri census st charles 1880
haist jacob dth rcd 1897

Jacob A (1844-1930)
heist jacob a civil war service record
heist jacob a civil war service
haist jaboc a 6th mi cav battl flag
heist jacob a gettysburg position map
heist jacob a army muster out 1864
heist jacob a pension app
heist jacob civ war pension
haist-rourke marr reg 1869
heist jacob census saginaw 1870
heist jacob census saginaw 1880
heist jacob agri census st charles 1880
heist jacob a vet sch chesaning 1890
haist jacob census owosso 1900
heist jacob a census owosso 1900
haist jacob census owosso 1910
heist jacob a census owosso 1920
heist jacob a census owosso 1930
heist jacob a vet admin pymt cd 1930
heist jacob a obit 1930
heist jacob a headstone req 1930
heist jacob a headstone 1930
heist jacob a vet grave 1930
Pvt Jacob A Heist (1862 - 1863) - Find A Grave Memorial

heist-weston marr reg 1905
heist lewis draft reg card wwii 1942

heist louisa dth reg 1934
heist louisa obit 1934

Mary Louise
haiste mary bth reg.jpg
heist mary newspaper artcle 1909
bartlett mary census owosso 1930

haiste mary l cit dir owosso 1941
bartlett mary cit dir owosso 1955
heist mary louise obit 1958

gilchrist-haist marr reg 1896
haist rose dth reg 1949
heist rose meml 1937

William (1861-1936)
heist william obit 1936

William (1879-1899)
heist william dth cert 1899
heist william gravestone 1899

Henderson Family
(Also see McNair Family)

henderson catherine bth reg 1817
henderson catherine grave 1902

Holliday Family
(Also see Brown (related to Bartlett) Family)

holliday ashley census gratiot 1880
holliday ashley census bradford pa 1900
holliday (brown) census jamestown 1910
holliday (brown) census jamestown 1920
holliday (brown) census jamestown 1930

Horsey Family
(Also see James Family)

horsey mary portr

Hutchings Family
(Also see Estall/Estelle Family)

hutchings alfred bth reg 1884
hutchings alfred bth list

hutchings alfred dth reg 1894

hutchings sarah bth reg
hutchings sarah bth reg 1860
hutchings sarah marr reg
Sarah Ann (Hutchings) Estall Death 24 Dec 1899
hutchings sarah dth list
hutchings sarah dth indx
hutchings sarah dth reg 1899 original
hutchings sarah dth reg 1899

Thomas Hutchings ( Estall ) Birth 11 July 1889
hutchings thomas bth reg
estall (hutchings) thomas svc rcd
hutchings thomas workhouse rcd 1900
hutchings thomas leytonstone sch rcd 1900
Thomas (Hutchings) Estall Death 8 Sep 1910 (Army)
estall (hutchings) thomas dth inquest 1910 hutchings thomas inquest 1910

Irish Family
(Also see Bartlett Family)

irish william dth cert
irish-bartlett marr cert

James Family

james census green bay 1870
james census benton 1880
james census kirksville 1900

james harry portr
james-garwood wed port
james harry fam portr
james harry headstone

james issac portr

james milo census polk 1910
james milo census benton twp 1920
james milo census belgrade 1930
james-watson marr lic
james milo fam port
james milo ssdi

james ricky hs dipl
james ricky and jessie portr 1994
james ricky mil docs
james ricky mil honors
james ricky div decree
james ricky atc cards
james ricky atc docs
james ricky cartoon
james ricky job history
james ricky meml
james ricky meml svc

Johnsen Family
(Also see Gould Family)

johnsen lillian lineage
johnsen census fragaria 1920
johnsen census seattle 1930

johnsen albert nat rcd
johnsen albert nat indx
johnsen albert wwi draft reg
johnsen albert fish boat manifes

gould lillian ssdi

Keigher Family
(Also see McCrie Family)

keigher lucy hist ca 1956

Kent Family
(Also see Estall Family)

kent john bth reg 1869
kent john census london 1871
kent john census london 1891
kent-wickett marr reg 1892
kent and estall census london 1911

Kerr Family (Related to Wm Brown Family)
(Also see Bartlett, Brown, and White Families)

kerr wattie & virginia pic 1920
kerr fam pic 1942
kerr fam pic 1951
kerr pauline & ivan pic 1950s
kerr james census 1850
kerr james census pleasant 1860
kerr census hoytsville 1870
kerr census hoytville 1880
kerr john census liberty 1900

kerr allie dth cert 1921

kerr elmer census story 1910

kerr eveline dth cert 1921

kerr hettie census liberty 1910

kerr ivan portr 1920

kerr-knowles marr reg 1849

John James Edgar
kerr john elmer portr
kerr-white marr reg 1903
kerr james census bowling green 1920
kerr-wannemacher marr reg 1938
kerr john dth cert 1942

bowen-kerr marr lic 1883
kerr nellie dth cert 1933

kerr pauline bth rcd 1906
kerr pauline pic 1920
brown-kerr marr lic 1929
kerr pauline census bowling green 1930
kerr pauline portr 1940s
rapelje-kerr marr rcd 1944
kerr pauline portr 1950s
laszlo pauline dth reg 1983
laszlo pauline ssdi 1983
laszlo pauline obit 1983

Kerr Family (Related to McCrie Family)
(Also see Brown and McCrie Families)

kerr mary dth reg 1828 img

Klos Family
(Also see Gould Family)

klos census thomastown 1900
klos census staples 1905


Knowles Family
(Also see Kerr Family)

knowles hettie dth cert 1918

knowles-vangelder marr reg 1822
knowles james census pleasant 1850
knowles james census pleasant 1860

Lane Family
(Also see Conklin and Anthony Families)

lane census ravenna 1910

lane-conklin marr reg

Livingston/Livingstone Family
(Also see McCrie, Duffy, and Groundwater Families)

livingstone craignish births 1766-1853 copy
livingston census mosa 1841
livingston census canada 1851 p1
livingston census canada 1851 p2
livingston census canada 1851 p3
livingston census canada 1871
livingston farms map 1880
mosa map 1880
livingston census canada 1891
livingston census mosa 1891
livingston census detroit 1900
livingston census detroit 1910
livingston remembrance card

livingstone alexander atlas rcd

livingston-sinclair marr reg 1840

livingstone daniel atlas rcd

livingston donald bth reg 1776 craignish
livingston donald marr reg 1805
livingston-mcpherson marr reg 1805

livingston duncan census middlesex 1861
livingston duncan census mosa 1861
livingston duncan gravestone 1864

livingston flora portr

livingston flora obit
livingston flora bur rcd 1946

livingston jane obit
livingston jane meml svc

livingston janet portr
livingston janet dth cert 1904

livingston jessie bth reg 1908
livingston jessie arr 1926
livingston jessie arr detroit 1926
livingston jessie census detroit 1930
livingston jessie arr 1937
livingston jessie nat request 1938
livingston jessie nat req 1938
livingston jessie mil svc 1943
livingston jessie ssdi 1992

John (son of Duncan Livingston)
livingston-carmichael marr reg 1802

John (1827-1895)
livingston john portr tree
livingston john afr
livingston john census mosa 1851
livingston john census mosa 1861
livingston-campbell marr reg
livingston-campbell marr reg1
livingston census mosa 1871
livingston voter list mosa 1877
livingston john atlas record 1878
livingston john cens canada 1881
livingston census canada 1881
livingston john atlas rcd
livingston john cens canada 1891
livingston john dth reg
livingston john obit 1895

John Donald
livingston john donald bth reg 1909

livingston malcolm bth reg 1786 img
livingston malcolm bth reg 1786 img2
livingston malcolm bth reg 1786

livingston margaret bapt 1819 opr
livingston margaret bapt 1819

stewart-livingston mary marr reg 1813
livingston mary dth reg 1887

Neil (1784-Unknown [went missing])
livingston neil bth reg 1784 dblimg
livingston neil bth reg 1784 img
livingston neil bth reg 1784 second
livingston neil bth reg 1784
livingstone craignish births 1766-1853
livingston-mcnair marr reg opr glassary 1813
livingston-mcnair marr reg 1813 glassary img
livingston-mcnair marr reg 1813 craignish image
livingston-mcnair marr reg 1813 craignish
livingston-mcnair marr reg 1813
livingston-mcnair marr reg pg 1813

Neil (1825-1882)
livingstone neil atlas rcd

livingston neil census sheridan 1880
livingston neil dth reg 1882

Neil John (1863-1915)
livingston neil census detroit 1900
livingston-clark marr reg 1904
livingston neil john census mosa 1911

Sarah (1780-unknown)
livingston sarah bth reg 1780
mcpherson-livingston sarah marr reg 1811

Sarah (1814-1886)
livingston sarah bth reg 1814 img
livingston sarah bth reg 1814 craignis
livingston sarah bth reg 1814
livingston sarah census mosa 1851
livingston sarah census mosa 1871
livingston (mckellar) sarah census mosa 1881
livingston (mckellar) sarah census mosa 1881 img
livingston sarah gravestone 1928
livingstone sarah gravestone 1928

Sarah (1876-1963)
campbell sarah census detroit 1900
livingston sarah dir detroit 1901
livingston sarah work ad 1901

livingston sarah note
livingston sarah bur rcd 1963

Locker Family
(Also see Schutze Family)

locker hugh obit 2012

locker nancy with grandparents 1945

MacKellar Family
(Also see Livingston and McCrie Families)

mackellar catherine dir detroit 1928
mackellar catherine border cross 1944
mackellar catherine border cross 1947
mackellar catherine ssdi 1986
mackellar catherine dtn pmph

mackellar duncan census mosa 1881
mackellar duncan census mosa 1891
mackellar duncan dth reg 1900

Maclean Family
(Also see Campbell Family)

mclean duncan prison rcd 1848

mclean isobel bapt reg 1801
maclean isabella census scotland 1851

mclean malcolm census n knapdale 1841

Maxwell Family
(Also see McCrie Family)
maxwell census detroit 1930
maxwell census detroit 1940

maxwell archie bth reg 1887
maxwell archie census clay 1910
maxwell archibald arr 1921
maxwell archie wwii draft reg 1942
maxwell archie ssdi 1963

maxwell james census 1901

maxwell jeanie pass rcd 1922

Margaret (Greta)
maxwell margaret bio
maxwell imm 1922
maxwell margaret dep 1922
maxwell margaret imm 1922
maxwell margaret pass rcd 1922
maxwell margaret census detroit 1930
maxwell margaret ssdi 1992
maxwell margaret ssdi 1992
maxwell margaret meml svc

maxwell peter census stevenston 1901
maxwell peter dep 1921
maxwell peter imm 1921
maxwell peter arr 1921 cert
maxwell peter arr 1921
maxwell peter dir terre haute 1924-29
maxwell peter ssdi 1968

McCrie/McCree/McCrae Family
(Also see Anthony, Schutze, Maxwell, Burrows, and Keigher Families)

mccrie family centenary
mccrie detroit directory 1869-1928
mccrie membership in st andrews society of detroit

mccrie andrew bthpl 1849
mccrie-elliott marr reg 1876

mccrea archibald bapt 1789 opr

Betty (1782-Unknown)
mccree james and betty bapt 1782 opr

David (1846-1933)
mccrie david bthpl 1846
mccrie-tucker marr reg 1879
mccrie david dth reg 1933

mccrie edna cens detroit 1880
mccrie edna dth cert 1925

Elspeth (1735-Unknown)
mccree elspeth bapt 1735 opr

Hugh (1743-Unknown)
mccree hugh bapt 1743 opr

Hugh (1776-Unknown)
mccrea hugh bapt 1776 opr
mccree-brown marr reg ochiltree 1801
mccree-brown marr reg 18 dec
mccree-brown marr reg
mccree-brown marr reg 1801 opr
mccree-brown marr reg 18 dec 1801 img
mccree hugh census cumnock 1841
mccrie census old cumnock 1841
mccrie hugh census old cumnock 1841

Hugh (1808-1884)
mccree hugh bth reg 1808
mccree hugh bapt reg opr 1808
mccree hugh jr census cumnock 1841
mccree hugh census cumnock 1851
mccree hugh jr census cumnock 1861
mccree hugh census new cumnock 1881
mccrie hugh jr dth reg 1884

Hugh (1836-Unknown)
mccrie hugh bthpl 1836

James (1740-Unknown)
mccree james bapt 1740 opr

James (1782-Unknown)
mccree james and betty bapt 1782 opr

James (1786-Unknown)
mccree james bapt 1786 opr

James (1802-Unknown)
mccree james bth reg ochiltree 1802
mccree james bth reg 1802
mccree james bth reg 1802 img

James Matthew (1882-1912)
mccrie james matthew photo ca 1900 in egypt
titanic photo 10 apr 1912
mccrie james m titanic encyclopedia
mccrie james m titanic article
mccrie james m titanic article 1912
mccrie james m dth titanic 1912 article
mccrie james matthew titanic dth reg
titanic 01
titanic 02
titanic 03
titanic 04
titanic 05
titanic 06
titanic outbound 01
titanic outbound 02

James Miller
mccrie james miller portr
schutze elizabeth email 24 apr 2011 part2
mccrie james bthpl 1839
mccrie james miller cens canada 1861
mccrie-anthony marr rcd
mccrie james m census grand haven 1880
mccrie james dir detroit 1890
mccrie james cens01 detroit 1900
mccrie james cens02 detroit 1900
mccrie james cens detroit 1910
mccrie james m dth cert 1912
mccrie james m bur rec 1912

James Wellington
mccrie james wellington portr tree
mccrie james w bth reg 1878
mccrie james wellington education
mccrie-livingston marr reg
mccrie james wwi draft reg crd
mccrie james cens01 detroit 1920
mccrie james cens02 detroit 1920
mccrie james w bank book
mccrie james w cem rcpt
mccrie james dir detroit 1928
mccrie james cens detroit 1930
mccrie james w census detroit 1940
mccrie james w dth cert 1940
mccrie james w bur rcd 1940

James Stewart
mccrie jimmy portr tree

mccrie jane bth reg 1832
mccrie jane bth reg 1832 opr
mccrie jane census normanby 1901
mccrie jane dth reg 1911

Jean (1746-?)
mccree jean bapt 1746

Jean (1780-?)
mccrea jean bapt 1780 opr

Jean Campbell (1917-1970)
mccrie jean portr young woman
mccrie jean portr
mccrie jean portr tree
mccrie jean bth cert
mccrie jean sch rpt card 1926mccrie jean photo 1939
mccrie jean photo early 1940s
mccrie jean circa 1941
mccrie jean 1941 irs form 1099
mccrie jean postcard 19440516
mccrie jean ltr 1945
mccrie jean ltr 19450713
mccrie jean ltr 19450715
mccrie jean card 19500601
mccrie jean dth story 1970
mccrie jean dth cert
mccrie jean dth narr
mccrie jean dth pmph
mccrie jean dth ssdi
mccrie jean dth ntc
mccrie jean meml svc

mccrie jennie bth reg
mccrie jane eliza bth reg
mccrie eliza cens detroit 1880
mccrie jennie census detroit 1920
mccrie jennie census detroit 194
mccrie jennie dth cert 1952
mccrie jennie bur rec 1952

John (1734-Unknown)
mccree john bapt 1734 opr

John (1738-Unknown)
mccree john bapt 1738 opr

John (1834-1890)
mccrie john bth reg 1834 opr
mccrie john bth reg 1834
mccrie john bth reg
mccrie john census cumnock 1851 pt1
mccrie john census cumnock 1851 pt2
mccrie john cens detroit 1880
mccrie john census detroit 1880
mccrie-burrows marr 1889
mccrie john dth reg 1889
mccrie john dth reg 1889
mccrie john bur rec 1890
mccrie john fam burials

mccree kathrine bth reg 1806
mccree kathrine bapt reg opr 1806

Margaret (1844-1921)
mccrie margaret bthpl 1844

Margaret (1915-2000)
mccrie margaret portr tree
mccrie sarah and margaret portr
mccrie margaret dth ntc head
mccrie margaret dth ntc

Mary (1774-Unknown)
mccree mary bapt 1774 opr

mccrie-harrington marr reg 1874
mccrie matthew census canada 1891

Peter (1784-Unknown)
mccree peter bapt 1784 opr

mccrie sarah dth cert

William (1803-1882)
mccree william bth reg ochiltree 1803
mccree william bth reg 1803 img
mccree william bth reg 1803 img2
mccree william bth reg 1803
mccrie william matriculation 1828
college of glasgow high st
mccrae-miller marr reg 1831 opr
mccrae-miller marr reg
mccree william dir scotland 1837
mccrie william census scotland 1841
m'crae ayrshire directory 1851-52
mccrie william census scotland 1851
m'crae william dir ayrshire 1851
mccrie--Ayrshire, Cumnock, From Stepend Bing
mccrie--Ayrshire, Cumnock, Glaisnock Street
mccrie--Ayrshire, Cumnock, Street View
mccrie census sarnia 1861
mccrie william census indx 1871
mccrie william atlas rcd
sarnia map 1880
mccrie farm map 1880
mccrie william cens canada 1881
mccrie census sarnia 1881
mccrie census sarnia 1881
mccrie william cens transcript canada 1881
mccrie william dth reg
mccrie william dth reg 1882
mccrie william dth reg 1882
mccrie william dth reg source
mccrie william gravestone

William (1841-Unknown)
mccrie william bthpl 1841
mccrie william-dunsmore matilda marr reg
mccrie wm jr home

William James (1914-1998)
mccrie william james portr tree
schutze elizabeth phonecon 18 apr 2011
mccrie william j hs yrbk 1933
scots games 1958
mccrie william james meml svc
mccrie william ssdi

William W (1865-1892)
mccrie james w dir detroit 1890
mccrie william w bur rec 1892
mccrie william w burial

McFarlane Family
(Also see Livingston Family)

mcfarlane-livingston marr reg 1845

mcfarlane mary gravestone 1910

McLean Family
(Also see Campbell Family)

mclean duncan bth reg opr 1793
mclean duncan prison rcd 1848

mclean isobel bapt reg 1801

mclean malcolm census n knapdale 1841

McMurtrie Family
(Also see Findlay, Miller, and McCrie Families)

mcmurtrie margaret bth reg 1754

McNair/McNuier Family
(Also see Livingston and Henderson Families)

mcnair alexander census kilmartin 1841
mcnair alexander census kilmartin 1851
mcnair alexander census kilmartin 1861
mcnair alexander census kilmartin 1871
mcnair alexander census kilmartin 1881

mcnair archibald bth reg 1844

mcnair barbara bth reg 1846

Donald (1755-Unknown)
mcnuier john and donald bapt 1755 copy

Donald (1805-Unknown)
mcnair donald bth reg 1805 img
mcnair donald bth reg 1805

Duncan (1756-Unknown)
mcnuier duncan bapt 1756 opr

Duncan (1841-Unknown)
mcnair duncan bapt reg 1841

mcnair george bth reg 1804 img

mcnair janet bth reg 1794 img
mcnair janet bth reg opr 1794
mcnair janet gravestone 1854

John (1755-Unknown)
mcnuier john and donald bapt 1755 opr

John (1853-Unknown)
mcnair john bth reg 1853

Margaret (1787-unk)
mcnair margaret bth reg 1787 img
mcnair margaret bth reg 1787
mcnair margaret bapt reg 1792

Margaret (1802-unk)
mcnair margaret bth reg 1802

mcnuier more bapt 1761 opr

mcnuier neil bapt 1758
mcnair neil horse tax 1797 mid shirvan
mcnair neil grave database 1835
mcnair neil gravestone 1835

McWilliams Family
(Also see Parker Family)

mcwilliams sarah us dth rec 1870
mcwilliams sarah dth rec 1870
mcwilliams sarah dth reg 1870
mcwilliams sarah grave

mcwilliams william will
mcwilliams william and alice cemetery headstones

Mead Family
(Also see McCrie and Elwood Families)

mead house elkhart photo

mead maxwell census hope 1920
mead maxwell undtd portr
mead maxwell portr
mead maxwell portr 1929
mead maxwell census kalamazoon 1930
mead maxwell western state teachers college 1935
mead maxwell western state yearbook 1935
mead maxwell soc sec card
mead-mccrie wed cert
uniroyal plant detroit
mead maxwell dth indx
mead maxwell ssdi
mead maxwell obit

mead census hope 1880
mead census barry 1900
mead census barry 1910
mead ned draft reg card
mead ned ltr 19231120
mead ned ltr 19240912

Meehan Family

meehan census detroit 1900
meehan census detroit 1910
meehan census detroit 1920

Robert J
meehan robert j wwii enl
meehan ltr 19800128
meehan robert j pub rec
meehan robert j ssdi

Mehlenbacher Family

(Also see Grow Family)

mehlenbacher conrad census st johns 1880
melenbacher-curnull marr reg 1888
mehlenbacher-crooks marr reg 1893
melenbacher conrad dth rcd 1939

melenbacher lena obit 1934

Miller Family
(Also see McCrie Family)

John (1789-1815)
miller john bth reg 1789 opr
miller-findlay marr reg 1811 opr
Miller Brothers Deaths at Benston Lime Works 1815
miller john grave 1815

John (1814-Unknown)
miller john bth reg

miller margaret bth reg 1812 opr
miller margaret bth reg
miller margaret bthpl 1812
miller margaret dth reg 1887
miller margaret cemetery stone

miller census sarnia 1861
miller walter census chatham 1871
miller-mccrie marr reg 1878
miller census chatham 1891
miller walter dth reg 1900

Moffat Family
(Also see Schutze and Locker Families)

moffat joan hs grad 1955

Mulenbacher Family
(Also see Grow Family)

mehlenbacher census saint johns 1880

Owens Family
(Also see Brown (related to Bartlett) Family)

owen (brown) mary census owosso 1900
owen (brown) mary census owosso 1910
owen (brown) mary census owosso 1920
owens charles obit 1933

Parker Family
(Also see Ehrlich Family)

Claude W
parker claude bth reg 1890
parker claude census lowell 1910
parker-bieri marr reg
parker claude-bieri frieda marr site 1910
parker-bieri marr site map 1910
parker claude wwi dft reg 1917
parker census owosso 1920
parker census owosso 1930
parker claude census owosso 1940
parker claude wwii draft reg 1942

George M (1858-1934)
parker-miller marr reg 1888
parker george census lowell 1930

parker irene potr 1929
parker irene census owosso 1930
parker irene dth ntc
parker irene meml svc
parker irene obit 1973

William H
parker-mcwilliams marr reg 1840
parker-mcwilliams marriage bond
parker census vergennes 1850
parker census vergennes 1870
parker-baker marr reg 1871
parker census vergennes 1880
parker census vergennes 1900
parker william h dth cert 1905
parker william h grave

Pedersen Family
(Also see Johnsen Family)

pedersen martha imm

Perkey Family
(Also see Bartlett Family)

perkey-bartlett marr reg 1921

Perry Family
(Also see Heist Family)

perry-heist marr reg 1893
perry james dth pamph 1935

Pierce Family
(Also see Anthony Family)

pierce census02 moorland 1900
pierce census moorland 1910
pierce census01 moorland 1900

Pope Family
(Also see Fox Family)

pope john census caledonia 1850

Rautenberg Family
(Also see Chamberlin Family)

rautenberg census san francisco 1930

Rice Family
(Also see Estall Family)

rice-bass marr reg

Rich Family
(Also see Heist Family)

Mary (second wife of Jacob A Heist)
rich mary census saginaw 1860
rich mary census saginaw 1870
haist mary dth cert 1915
rich (haist) mary obit 1915

rich richard census massachusetts 1850
rich richard dth cert 1899

Richards Family
(Also see Brown (related to Bartlett) Family)

richards florence obit 1987

hackett-richards marr reg 1923
richards gladys obit (2) 1927
richards gladys obit 1927

Rourke Family
(Also see Heist Family)

rourke michael census rush 1860
rourke michael census rush 1870
rourke michael dth cert 1898

Rose Family
(Also see Sobottka Family)

Rose Clara Ella Sobottka Bio
rose clara ssdi
rose clara wa dth indx

Roth Family
(Also see Bieri Family)

roth elizabetha portrait 1
roth elizabetha portrait
roth elizabetha dth reg 1913
roth elizabetha headstone

Rutledge Family
(Also see Brown Family)

rutledge susan dth cert 1906
rutledge susan obit 1906
rutledge susan headstone 1906

Schrotzberger Family
(Also see Schutze, Estall, and Estelle Families)
schrotzberger familienforschung
schrotzberger johann ancestral file
schrotzberger children portr
schrotzberger emm 1881
schrotzberger imm 1881
schrotzberger detroit dir 1882
schrotzberger detroit dir 1883
schrotzberger john dir detroit 1888
schrotzberger family dir detroit 1893
schrotzberger bbq 1948

schrotzberger catherine census detroit 1910
schrotzberger catherine dth cert 1938

schrotzberger-frederika portr
schrotzberger frederika
schrotzberger frederika small portr
schrotzberger frederika portr lge
schrotzberger frederika w sibs portr
schrotzberger friederike bio notes
schrotzberger frederika dep hamburg 1880
schrotzberger frederika arr ny 1880
schuetze ricky stillborn reg
schrotzberger frederika dth notice abendpost
schrotzberger frederika dth ntc 1892
schutze leonard p marr reg.png

schrotzberger fred cens los angeles 1910
schrotzberger fred dth index

J Frederick
schrotzbergerr-stallbaum marr bible

Johann Leonhard
schrotzberger johann
schrotzberger-stallbaum marr cert 1853
schrotzberger johann b&w portr
schrotzberger johann small portr
schrotzberger johannes dth cert 1902
schrotzberger detroit dir 1903-death ntc

schrotzberger johanna portr01 frt
schrotzberger johanna portr01 bck
schrotzberger johanna portr02 frt
schrotzberger johanna portr02 bck
schrotzberger johanna ltr 19170713
schrotzberger johanna ltr01 19171211
schrotzberger johanna ltr02 19171211
schrotzberger johanna portraits 1917
schrotzberger johanna afr
schrotzberger johanna census los angeles 1930
schutze johanna cens los angeles 1930
schuetze johanna and moffat joan photo 1941
schuetze johanna dth ntc

John F.W. (1869-1950)
schrotzberger john f dth cert 1950

schrotzberger julius dth cert 1930

schrotzberger theodore afr
schrotzberger theodore cens detroit 1900
schrotzberger theodore cens los angeles 1910
schrotzberger theodore cens los angeles 1910
schrotzberger-estelle marr lic 1912
schrotzberger-estelle marr reg
schrotzberger theodore cens los angeles 1930
schrotzberger theodore jacob dth index
schrotzberger theodore ssdi

Schuetze Family
(Also see Schutze and Schrotzberger Families)

schuetze detroit 1889

schuetze herman portr 1870 frt
schuetze herman portr 1870 bck
schuetze herman bio notes01
schuetze herman bio notes02
schuetze herman dep 1880
schuetze herman arr 1880
schuetze herman dir detroit 1881 entries
schuetze herman dir detroit 1881 work-check
schuetze herman dir detroit 1881
schuetze herman dir detroit 1881-alt spelling
schuetze hermann dir detroit 1882
schuetze herman dir detroit 1883
schuetze herman dir detroit 1885 work01
schuetze herman dir detroit 1885 work02
schuetze herman dir detroit 1885
schuetze herman dir detroit 1887
schuetze herman dir detroit 1888
schuetze detroit 1889
schuetze herman dir detroit 1890 entries
schuetze herman dir detroit 1890
schuetze herman dir detroit 1890 home
schuetze herman dir detroit 1890 work
f x kolb meat company 1880s
schuetze-schrtozberger marr bible
schuetze-koppf marr reg
schuetze-koppf marr reg
schuetze-schrotzberger marr reg 1893
schuetze herman dir detroit home 1895
schuetze herman dir detroit 1897
schuetze herman dir detroit 1898
schuetze herman dir detroit 1899
schuetze herman dir detroit 1900
schuetze herman cens detroit 1900
schuetze herman dir detroit 1901
schuetze herman stratford home
schuetze herman stratford dir 1905 p121
schuetze herman stratford dir 1905 p78
schuetze herman dth ntc
schuetze herman obit 1909
schuetze herman dth reg 1909
schuetze herman palestine lodge
schuetze herman gravestone
schuetze herman gravestone inscr

schuetze frederick bth reg 1886

schuetze friederika burial site
schuetze friederika dir detroit 1892

schuetze hattie bth reg 1898
ray-schutze marr lic 1954
schutze harriet dth indx 1981
schuetze hattie dth reg 1981

schuetze hermina dth cert

schuetze hugo bth reg 1895
schutze-todd marr cert 1954

schuetze leonard bth reg 1880
schuetze leonard marr rec 1908
schuetze leonard dth index 1951

Schutze Family
(Also see Schuetze, McCrie, and Locker Families)

schutze family photo 1930

schutze allora 2013
schutze allora class pic 2013

schutze harold and elizabeth portr
schutze harold portr halfmoon road
schutze harold portr with hat
schutze harold portr
schutze harold meml

schuetze herman bth reg
schutze herman birth reg
schutze-estelle marr bible
schuetze herman cens detroit 1900 (b&w)
schuetze herman dir detroit 1910
schutze-estall marr lic 1911
schutze-estall marr reg 1911
schutze herman dir detroit 1914
schutze herman and johanna dir detroit 1915
schutze herman dir detroit 1916
schutze herman wwi draft reg 1917
wwi draft reg card form
schutze herman work hist
schutze herman cens detroit 1920
schutze bessie herman portrait
schutze herman cen detroit 1920
schutze herman dir detroit 1928
schutze herman cens detroit 1930
schutze herman census detroit 1940
schutze family portr 1941
schutze herman and leonard ca 1941
schutze herman and moffat joan ca 1941
schutze herman family port ca 1941
schutze herman halfmoon cottage construction
schutze herman halfmoon gate
schutze herman original halfmoon cottage
schutze-estelle 50 ann ntc
schutze herman meml
schutze herman dth bible

Leonard P
schutze leonard p cens los angeles 1920
schutze leonard p dth index

Leonard T
schutze leonard bth cert 1912
schutze leonard baby photo
schutze leonard bth idx ca
schutze leonard bio
schutze leonard harold portrait
schutze-mccrie wed inv
schutze-mccrie marr cert
schutze-mccrie marr lic
schutze-mccrie wed book
schutze leonard ssa correspondence
schutze leonard war svc appt
schutze leonard furn contr 1946
schutze leonard job appl pkg 1947
schutze leonard move 1948
schutze leonard news art 19521201
schutze leonard trnsf
schutze leonard prof engr cert
schutze leonard journal article
schutze leonard nedra harold 19790500
schutze leonard retr awd
schutze-duranceau marr inv
schutze-duranceau marr lic
schutze-duranceau marr cert
schutze-duranceau marr portr
schutze leonard dth cert
schutze leonard dth ntc
schutze leonard thomas dth ntc
schutze leonard obit
schutze leonard dth ssdi
schutze leonard dth meml
schutze leonard meml svc

schutze nedra and mccrie jean photo 1940s
schutze nedra ssdi
schutze nedra meml svc

Searight Family
(Also see Anthony Family)

searight census davison 1880
searight census davison 1900

searight-anthony marr reg

Seymour Family
(Also see Anthony Family)

seymour-parker marr reg

seymour-eads marr reg

seymour harlow census redfield 1850
seymour harlow census redfield 1860
seymour census lovells 1870
seymour census fruitport 1880
seymour harlow census bliss 1900
seymour harlow census st ignace 1910
seymour harlow dth reg 1915

Sobottka Family
(Also see Tulip Family)

sobottka census pierce 1910
sobottka arthur census seattle 1920
sobottka census seattle 1930

Sobottka Arthur Bio
sobottka arthur bth reg
sobtka geraldine's father portrait
sobottka arthur wwi draft reg
sobottka arthur portr fireman
sobottka arthur portr
sobottka arthur ssdi
sobottka arthur wa dth indx

sobtka geraldine's mother portrait

sobtka geraldine portrait closeup
sobtka geraldine portrait
sobottka geraldine ssdi

sobottka gottfried census wisconsin 1905

Stallbaum Family
(Also see Schrotzberger Family)

stallbaum sophia afr

Stanton Family (related to Bieri family)
(Also see Bieri Family)

George A.(third husband of Frieda Bieri)
stanton george obit 1961

Stanton Family (related to Heist family)
(Also see Bieri Family)

George W.
stanton-heist marr reg 1917
stanton-heist census owosso 1930

Suter Family
(Also see Tulip Family)

Suter Ruth Bio

Sweeney Family
(Also see Tulip Family)

Sweeney Ada Bio

Templeton Family
(Also see Findlay and McCrie Families)

templeton andrew bth reg

templeton-finlay marr reg 1804 opr

Tulip Family
(Also see Suter, Johnsen, Klos, Rose, Sweeney and Gould Families)

tulip family original photo 600dpi

Tulip George Bio

Royal (Roy)
Tulip Royal Herman Bio
tulip roy census durand 1920
tulip roy census seattle 1930

LeRoy (Roy)
Tulip LeRoy Herman Bio
tulip roy wwii draft reg
tulip herman portrait

Tuttle Family
(Also see Conklin, Eason, and Anthony Families)

tuttle-eason marr re

Unknown Subjects
Photos of unknown family or friends. If you recognize the people in the photographs, please contact me with their names.

unknown portraits_0001
unknown portraits_0002

Van Noy
(Also see Bartlett Family)

van noy census ventura 1930
van noy census san buenaventura 1940

van noy helen (aileen) bth reg 1928
van noy helen ssdi 1994

Watson Family
(Also see James Family)

watson irma portr

Weston Family
(Also see Heist Family)

Birdie Mae
weston birdie may dth cert 1920

White Family
(Also see Kerr Family)

white albert census crestline 1860
white albert census jackson twp 1870
white albert census crestline 1880
white census hoytville 1900
white albert census hoytville 1910
white albert census hoytville 1920

white gertrude obit 1944
white gertrude obit 1944

white-mitchell marr reg 1839

white lilley dth cert 1952

white margaret dth cert 1932

white nettie marr rcd 1899

Whitmarsh Family
(Also see Estall Family)

french-whitmarsh marr reg 1873

Sarah (former wife of William Estall)
french census lewisham 1891 p1
ref="french census lewisham 1891 p2.jpg" target="tab">french census lewisham 1891 p2/p>

Wilson Family (related to Bartlett family)
(Also see Bartlett Family)

wilson william census belding 1940

Wilson Family (related to McCrie family)
(Also see McCrie Family)

wilson eliza dth reg 1886
wilson eliza bur rec 1886

Wright Family
(Also see James Family)

wright mary portr